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Copper Creek

From where I’m sitting, I can see the light slowly bleeding out of the day. It’s about...

2005-06-08 220

The Roadless Coast

“The edges of any landscape,” writes Barry Lopez in his landmark book, Arctic Dreams,...


Secrets of Augustine

Last year’s Roadless Coast expedition took the Ikkatsu Project team along Washington’s Olympic...


Roll On, Columbia

It is doubtful that when Woody Guthrie wrote his quintessential salute to moving water, he had any...

anderson etc 018

A Winter Tale

“It is easy to make plans in this world; even a cat can do it; and when one is out in those...




I am not used to seeing the river like this. It rolls like muscle, looking heavy and fierce,...


Different songlines

(I was recently talking with someone who had never heard of “A River Runs Through It,” the...


In the Wake of the Jomon

Ten or twelve millennia ago, give or take a few weekends, a great and momentous migration took...

New Release

A story of sea kayaking and science on the rugged coast of Alaska. Coming – Spring 2014.

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The wind machine is getting cranked up
Tacoma Narrows, right now. Definitely has the feel of the winter sunset. Making chicken dinner with the hockey game on.
Grim looking November so far
Micro plastics in your toothpaste. At what point did this seem like a good idea?
Thanks Obama!
Buying gas right now. Don't remember the last time I saw this!
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