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I struggle with the basic philosophy of gear. The idea that newer is better, that more is good and less is bad, the notion that continued consumption is required of all of us: these are difficult for me to accept. I like the old ways and a weathered piece of gear is often preferable to the shiny new imported model. But sometimes new is better than old, and I’d like to know the specific items to which this truth applies.

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  • The Nook Backcountry Tent by MSR

    The Nook Backcountry Tent by MSR

    Posted by Ken Campbell January 3, 2014 (0) comments
    I am always looking for a new tent. I had one that I really liked but it’s been in need of some repair for a while now and I’ve been using others that I had out in storage, remembering the specific reasons that I no longer favor them. None of them are terrible, exactly; it’s …Read More

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