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The slide show is an outdoor adventurer’s staple from as far back as anyone can remember. I have done hundreds over the years, for businesses, schools, clubs and civic groups, and still have hundreds left in me. Digital presentation methods have gone further than simple slides could go, and make it possible to focus a presentation in ways that would have – in an earlier time – been more difficult.

speaking-rockI have always enjoyed the events where a real interplay can happen between presenter and audience. I like the give and take and the way that the best presentations feel like conversations when they’re over. That’s something that I strive for whenever I’m in front of a group of people; I want the experience to work for everyone in the room, at whatever level it seems best.

I am, after all, a storyteller. Some of the stories are science: facts and sources, footnotes available at the door. Some are of adventure and peril, while others are more of the instructive and educational type. I can bring along slide presentations to help tell the stories and I can even provide my own jacket and tie, if necessary.

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A story of sea kayaking and science on the rugged coast of Alaska. Coming – Spring 2014.

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