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It’s a cold one out there this morning, for western Washington, anyway. The snow-covered Olympics are gleaming in the early sunlight, sparkling with a new layer of white. There’s a breeze, though not too strong, and the current is flowing north past my window. The fire is raging in the stove and the kettle is on the boil.
I didn’t go for a morning paddle this morning; haven’t been out since I damaged my wrist actually, although I think it’s about time to resume the ritual. The joint is feeling better, although there is still a painful twitch of bone and sinew from time to time. Still, I think it’s about time to get back out there. “That which does not kill us…”
I’ve been working in the shop the past ten days or so, trying to whip my part of it into shape, and I think it’s almost there. I’m not going in today. I’ll be working each of the next three days, however, and Saturday promises to be a particularly busy one. Then there’s the Surfrider meeting on Thursday, interviews for the Ikkatsu Expedition and tests to grade (gotta keep the kids in line, after all.)
I’m teaching this morning, then I’m coming back to the beach to chainsaw a few logs into submission for Joan, down in cabin #1. After that, if there’s still time before the sun disappears, I might even split some wood of my own. It’s a fine day, one that just seems made for cutting wood.

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