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In 1984, Congress designated a 2,349-acre area just to the southeast of Olympic National Forest as the Wonder Mountain Wilderness.

Shaped like a triangle, the area is dominated by Wonder Mountain, the high point on the southern ridge, at 4,848 feet.

There are four little lakes located within the wilderness boundary. None of them are named.

No trails traverse the wilderness and no roads lead into it. There is a logging road that comes close to the southwest border, but it accesses no trails. The road is closed for wildlife between October and April.

The funny thing is, it’s on just about every map of the Olympics that I’ve seen and yet it’s very easy to miss. Tucked away as it is, with no easy access and devoid of features that are easily recognized on a map, the Wonder Mountain Wilderness, if nothing else, serves as a reminder that “remote” doesn’t always mean “far away.”

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