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You never hear people say, “Oh, it’s too cold to go skiing.” That it will be cold goes without saying and those who want to slide down a mountain simply dress for the occasion. There is no drama, no great kerfuffle. You adapt and carry on.

But kayaking? Now there’s a horse of a different feather. Far too many paddlers put their kayak in mothballs sometime in October and leave it there until spring, or whatever passes for spring here in the Pacific Northwest. The reason given is always some variation on, “Oooh, it’s cold, far too cold to paddle.” The result is an undeniable weakening of the kayaking brotherhood, a dumbing-down of the sport.

Just like skiing, the temperature is only relevant to the extent that you don’t plan for it. There is clothing that can make a huge difference, but it doesn’t stop there. Knowing how to make good time in windy conditions, how to set up a warm and welcoming camp in inclement weather and where to go to enjoy the colder season are all part of stretching the paddling experience.

Azimuth Expeditions is offering a Cold-Weather Clinic this winter that will help paddlers bring their enjoyment to a new level. Two days, one night, beautiful locations and great paddling. Details will be up on the Azimuth web site by Thanksgiving (crosses fingers, breathes silent prayer), but more information can be had by emailing or by calling (253)691-7941. Space is limited and spots will fill quickly. Dry suits are required; Kokatat Gore-tex dry suits are available for rent.

If you’re thinking this sounds interesting, you’re right. If you’re thinking you should sign up, you probably should.

Feb. 26 & 27, 2011
March 12 & 13, 2011
$240 ($300 w/ dry suit)

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