Whither summer?

Posted by Ken Campbell July 13, 2011 0 Comment 915 views

It’s the middle of July and summer has yet to establish a toehold here in the Pacific Northwest. I read about the high temperatures and drought that are hammering the rest of the country and the stories seem to me like crazy fiction, like creative tales of heat and fire that can’t possibly be true. (I know they are, because I have seen them on the internet, but still.) Just the idea of a day where the thermometer touches 80 degrees seems downright impossible at this point, much less the triple-digits that are baking the majority of the south and west.
I am not complaining, not exactly. Given the choice between the two, I’d rather have what I have than what they have. It might be nice, however, for a week or two anyway, to go for a morning paddle sans long underwear and a beanie. I’d even be willing to call that summer.
Unpacking and stowing gear from the last trip is melding into the process of getting it all back together for the next one. I have a San Juan course coming up next week, a family from Portland who wants to spend five days in the islands, and who can blame them? The route has changed a few times and I need to get that figured out at some point, along with the menu, but it will all come together. Eventually.
Meanwhile, we’ve been talking about going on some family camping excursions of our own… might be just the ticket.

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