What’s it going to take?

Posted by Ken Campbell September 14, 2012 0 Comment 1114 views
We leave this morning for Kalaloch… Destruction Island tomorrow. At least, that’s the plan. I purposely haven’t checked the marine forecast the past couple of days, mostly because it sounded like it was getting big out there and I’ve found that it always pays to go take a look with an open mind. (We’ll be listening in as we get closer to shoving off the beach, but too much weather media too early is a recipe for needless worry.)
I wonder what we’ll find on the island. Of all the places we’ve visited this summer, Destruction Island will be the most remote, the least known. I am sure we’ll find plastic, large quantities of plastic. Anything else is hard to say right now.
The idea that there is so much plastic out there, whether from the tsunami or not, should be something that assaults everyone’s sensibilities. There are things that affect our lives in ways we cannot even see, but it doesn’t mean we can’t understand them. “If you’re not outraged,” the saying goes, “you’re not paying attention.”

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