What odds?

Posted by Ken Campbell March 10, 2013 6 Comments 2090 views

Tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary of the tsunami that devastated northern Japan. Two years gone since then… it hardly seems possible.
A couple weeks ago, this blog had its five-year anniversary. What started out as a writer’s exercise book turned into a full-blown daily newsletter, about a variety of items related to nature and outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest. (Or something like that.) This, right here, is post number 1139.
I’ve been writing sparingly in here for the past few months; I feel this muse is winding down. It’s not that I’ve been writing any less… it’s just that I haven’t been writing in here. I’ve been writing for film, for other web sites and for school (don’t even get me started about APA formatting and style). I feel some new winds blowing, is all. There are still only 24 hours in the day, and my priorities are changing when it comes to how I expect to fill them.
I spent a few nights this past week going to Great Big Sea concerts, first in Portland and then in Seattle. I went to school with band member Bob Hallett, who is a great musician and someone I feel lucky to be able to call a friend. (That’s him up top with Micah, showing the boy the fine accommodations on the tour bus.) Bob was writing a blog on the GBS site – still is, actually, sporadically – and he had some thoughts a year ago about the topic. I’d like to hear from whoever has the time to respond what your thoughts are about what Bob had to say; I kind of agree, but…
“Perhaps the whole blog thing in general is in trouble; a survey of my browsers’ links recently led me to this conclusion. A few years ago I regularly followed a dozen good blogs, but these days most of them have drained away, or been reduced to photo and link postings. Facebook has become unbearably dull, and Google+ way too much trouble for anyone either employed or older than 17. For news, shameless self-promotion and general verbiage, Twitter makes a worthy vehicle. ‘To everything there is a season,’ as Ecclesiastes would say, and the day of the blog may have ended.”
I still have a lot to say about the tsunami, and the issue of plastic debris, and the environment – especially the aquatic environment – but I will be doing most of that on the Ikkatsu site, which is really going to be getting busy over the next few months as the Alaska trip gets closer. I don’t know how much more I have to say here… a lot of that will depend on the feedback that this particular post generates. Either way, it’s been a great ride.
How do you feel about it?

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