Weekend at Juan’s

Posted by Ken Campbell May 20, 2010 0 Comment 912 views

I am headed to the San Juans this weekend, a 2-day trip on the SUP from Washington Park to Friday Harbor, with a ferry shuttle back. It’s a trip I’ve taken a dozen times or more, but this will be the first time for me on a paddleboard.

I’m planning on going through my gear again this morning. One last packing exercise to determine what’s going and what’s not. With the summery weather of last week now consigned to memory, I’m having second thoughts about traveling lightly. There really is no other option on a SUP, but the wind and rain are making me think I might want to add a pound or two of insulation and a heavier sleeping bag. There’s really nothing to do but to pack it up and see what fits. Then go from there.

What I am trying to accomplish, other than getting to spend another weekend of my life in one of the finest places in the world, is to make sure I can do the coast section of the Olympic Grand Circle the way I want to do it this summer. I’m going to try to approximate the weight I’ll be taking and, even though conditions will be different, I’m hoping they will be similar enough to allow me to get a better idea of my ability to cover miles in a variety of weather and wind.

The forecast is also mentioning thunderstorms for Saturday. Hope they’re wrong about that.

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