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Posted by Ken Campbell February 14, 2013 0 Comment 1351 views
It isn’t often that I see anyone else on the water when I paddle the Foss on a winter morning. Once in a while there’ll be a tug coming in or going out, maybe a fishing boat (on the weekend mornings), but another SUP? Never.
Actually, I was looking for him. I’ve seen on Corey Dolan’s Facebook page that he’s been paddling on the Foss Waterway during the wee hours but for some reason, we’ve been missing each other. This morning, however, as I paddled up the passage and into the wind, I saw a pair of lights coming the other way. Headlamps, bobbing in time to the paddle strokes. I gave a holler and paddled over to say hello.
Corey and Justin were going the opposite direction from me; we’d started at opposite ends of the waterway. Still, it was nice to say hello, even for a minute or two. It’s good, once in a while, to meet a friend on the water. 

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