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Posted by Ken Campbell October 13, 2012 0 Comment 1045 views
As the Ikkatsu Project continues to evolve, it is taking up more of my time. There is a seminar coming up at the University of Puget Sound, a developing program at a few local high schools, the film that is almost complete and a premiere to plan… and that doesn’t even begin to take next year’s phase of the project into consideration. (Which will be the subject of another entry here in the near future, to be sure.)
Steve and I are going up to Port Angeles to present our survey findings to the scientists that have been assisting us throughout this year’s expedition – which will probably be the topic of another posting as well. The whole thing has taken over my life, which is not a bad thing and I am not complaining. I am actually quite entranced with the process and each day provides fresh invigoration.
Sadly, however, the 24-hour clock is a zero-sum proposition. As one aspect of my life takes up more time, something else needs to take up less. There are certain non-negotiables – family, for example – but among the things that I am faced with cutting back is my retail life. I will still be involved as a partner in Playback Sports and I will still offer kayaking and SUP products for sale at the shop, but my role in the store is going dormant, effective now. 
I have enjoyed being a shopkeeper and I’m not ruling out a return to the retail life in the future, but for now, with the Ikkatsu Project as my focus, I need to put my energies where they will do the most good. 
There will be a sale, of course. I’ll dish with the details in a day or two. For now, Mary, Micah and I are heading out to the Key Peninsula for a little R&R. 

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