Vampire watch

Posted by Ken Campbell October 31, 2012 0 Comment 1842 views
The rain is falling in the dark outside my window. A steady, soaking rain, like the kind they get in Guam, except colder. Not the usual misty stuff that we get around here, the kind of rain that Tom Robbins calls the “witch measles of persistent drizzle.” This is somewhere between that and Hurricane Sandy, heavier than normal but not life-threatening.
The boy is going trick-or-treating tonight as a vampire. A wet vampire, I reckon.
I’m working on a magazine article about this summer’s Ikkatsu Expedition. I just got it back from the editor and there are some changes he wants made before it gets into print. That’s the type of stuff that keeps me up nights. I know it’s all for the best.
In other news, the Ikkatsu Project has a Facebook page now. I figured that, if I was going to dip my toe into the social media pool with the new Twitter feed, I may as well jump in for a swim. You’re either on the bus or you’re not and there’s no way to be a little bit pregnant. It’s another piece of the puzzle that will need maintaining but there is so much happening these days (something that looks to continue for some time), that it seems like a good idea. Take a look over there when you can and “like” us. It’s good for our self-esteem.

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