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On February 18, I’ll be doing a slide show at the Mountaineers Hall in Tacoma. I’ll be showing images and telling tall tales from the kayaking trip I took around the island of Newfoundland back in 2000. It was an amazing adventure, three full months of paddling pleasure and pain. It ended up being the trip of a lifetime and the stories I collected there are still a source of pride, and humor.

It’s a free show, no charge. The Tacoma Mountaineers do this every month as part of their “Open House.” You don’t have to be a member to come to the show, and you can contact the Mountaineers Sea Kayaking Committee through their web site for more information. (Or email me, whatever.)

It’s going to be a real slide show with real slides, celluloid pictures instead of digital images, real colors instead of millions of ones and zeros. I don’t know that this makes much of a big deal either way… for some reason it just seems cooler to me right now. (Ask me how I feel when the first projector starts burning slides and the second one won’t advance. I may not be as cool then.)

Anyway, the show is scheduled for two weeks from today. As a public service and to give you time to round up some friends, I’ll run a reminder every Friday until the 18th of February. Put it on your calendar and please, bring people with you. Send these reminders to your peeps, get them to turn out. I would love to pack out the hall and set some kind of record.

It’s a good story, you won’t be disappointed.

Around the Rock; A Newfoundland Kayak Journey
Friday, February 18, 2011 – 7:00pm

Mountaineers Hall – 30th Street, Old Town Tacoma

Books will be available for purchase and signing

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