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Posted by Ken Campbell January 10, 2013 0 Comment 1335 views
We have a showing in Port Townsend next week, which we’re both very excited about… I really like Port Townsend. It’s going to be a quick out-and-back though, not much time for dilly-dally. Which is ok too, I guess.
Two weeks from today, however, we’re getting on the silver bird and flying to San Francisco for the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium. We are downright pumped for that one, I’d say. I think I can speak for Steve when I say that, to be presenting the film at this event, on Saturday night, with any number of paddling role models and otherwise interesting people in the room, is going to be just this side of surreal. 
OK, maybe not that over-the-moon, but still, a pretty fine scene. This is pretty much the pinnacle of sea kayaking instructional symposiums in this country (and the world, while we’re at it), and to be there at all is going to be grand. There are still spots left if you’re at all interested in attending… I doubt there are too many though. Part of what makes it so unique and so sought after is the low ratio of students to instructors. 
I may just learn something myself… you never know.

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