Tired and happy

Posted by Ken Campbell March 2, 2010 0 Comment 904 views

To all of you single parents out there, my hat is off to you. It is some hard duty, tracking the little guy as he runs this way and that, bonking this and bruising the other, where some accidents can be cleared up with some antibiotic ointment and a Sponge Bob bandaid while others require a full laundering of the bed sheets and the blankie.

Ahhh, but the rewards are pretty impressive too. And I am not complaining.

We got in this afternoon after 5 days in Santa Barbara, and it feels good to be back It’s a beautiful place, that city by the sea, and there was a time when I saw it as home. I was born there, after all, but with the passing of time, my feelings have shifted somewhat. I’ve lived more of my life here in the Northwest now than I have in SB and, although I still feel a pull to the place I came from, it is not as strong as it used to be.

It’s good to be home again.

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