Thus I resolve

Posted by Ken Campbell December 3, 2008 0 Comment 643 views

If you are partial to the custom and in search of self-betterment, you’ll know that New Year’s resolutions don’t just spring onto the scene on January 1st. Every resolution is a negotiated statement, and every goal takes time to ferment. I’m working on mine now.

Mine have always reflected a love for travel and the outdoors. The goals I’m setting for next year are no different. I have my eye on a couple peaks, some high-country traverses, a sea kayak trip down the entire length of the Olympic coast, even a paddleboard journey or two. It is exciting to watch an idea coalesce into a goal, because I know that it is through this process alone that goals become reality.

A lot of people think that New Year’s resolutions are a load of fertilizer. I disagree. I enjoy believing that change is possible.

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