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Posted by Ken Campbell September 19, 2012 2 Comments 1131 views
The film is in the can… most of it. We’ve got just a few more scenes to shoot and some B-roll to fall back on, but it’s about done.
At least, in the sense that it will ever really be “done.” This has been a monumental learning experience for me in so many ways: environmentally (the sheer volume of plastic on the beaches – not really knowable until you start to actually count it); scientifically (getting a handle on how ocean currents work); editorially (I’ve never written for film before… it’s a very different cadence and verve… but I’m getting to like it. A lot.)
There’s probably more. I can’t wait to see the final product.
Which reminds me… there are 22 tickets left for the show at 7pm on November 14th at the Grand Cinema. If you haven’t actually paid for yours, you do not have any. It would not be the same without you there and I’d hate to miss seeing your face. I’m just saying…

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