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Posted by Ken Campbell October 16, 2011 0 Comment 1075 views

The Elwha dam removal projects are proceeding apace and will continue to progress until November 1st, when crews will give the demolition a break to allow for fish spawning activities. For now, however, changes come daily, with lake levels dropping and the huge, concrete river plugs disappearing into dust and gravel.

There’s a pretty cool video here of an explosive event on the Elwha dam (not to be confused with the Gline’s Canyon dam farther upstream).
Lake Mills and Lake Aldwell are shrinking – I took the photo above at the Lake Aldwell boat launch a week ago and you can just barely make out where the lake water is in the distance – and soon both will be gone forever. Someday, I wonder, will there be sections of the river known as Mills Rapids and Aldwell Falls, or will those names simply be lost?

Just for a little perspective, here’s a shot of Micah and Mary at that same boat launch four years ago. Time marches on, for lakes and little boys.

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