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Posted by Ken Campbell January 24, 2011 0 Comment 906 views

Three years ago yesterday, I was in Nanaimo. I’d just started on my winter circumnavigation attempt of Vancouver Island (that particular trip still hasn’t been done, by the by. Just saying.) I ended up staying for an extra day, maybe two, because the Packers were playing that year in the NFC Championship against the Giants and I’d found a good bar near the water where I could watch the game. (As I alluded to at the time, I am a Packer fan.)

For those of you who follow a different team or perhaps don’t follow football at all, I am sorry if this retrospective is wasting your time. A little sorry. Not that much. But three years changes things: The Packers lost that game on a last-minute Brett Favre interception, which was, mercifully, Favre’s last play as a Packer. I paddled back to my campsite after the game, froze most of the night, then headed out two hours before dawn the next morning.

Yesterday, the Pack won, outlasting the archrival Bears, they’re going to the Superbowl, and I slept in a warm bed last night and played with Legos for an hour or so with Micah this morning. There are a lot of things that make this Monday better than that one three years back: the warm bed, the playtime with the boy.

And, of course, that Green Bay is going to the big game this time. Now, how to score some tickets…

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