The "S-word"

Posted by Ken Campbell March 12, 2012 2 Comments 980 views

I heard the weatherman calling for snow again. We actually did get some yesterday, mixed with a little sleet and hail, but nothing stuck. Personally, I’m done with winter; it just doesn’t seem like it’s quite done with me.
The three of us paddlers who make up this summer’s Ikkatsu Expedition will be doing a 3-day shakedown trip this coming weekend. Nothing too crazy, just a slow trip around Vashon Island. The idea is that we need to figure out the gear we’ll be taking – not just the paddling stuff, but the photography and scientific stuff as well. We’ll be pulling a small trawl net behind one of the boats, a prototype that’s on its way to us from the 5 Gyres project, designed to collect floating plastic debris. Steve and Kiwi have a pretty good handle on the filming issues, but I imagine we’ll be working on the best techniques for getting on-water footage, which will keep our pace to a crawl. That’s the plan, anyway.
Which is fine. It’s funny, for as much as I’ve kayaked in the waters around Vashon, I’ve never done a complete circumnavigation. I’ve paddled the whole shoreline in bits and bobs, but this will be the first time I’ve done it all on one go. I think we’re planning on starting and ending on Ruston Way and working our way around the island clockwise.
I haven’t heard what the oracles are predicting for next weekend’s weather, but I hope it doesn’t include snow. Seriously, I’m done with that.

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