The mountains are out

Posted by Ken Campbell June 17, 2008 0 Comment 659 views

It was a sunny day today, blue sky, fresh breeze. It felt like spring might really be here this time. (Never mind that the “first day of summer” is less than a week away.) That’s how it’s done here in the Northwest. Sometimes we don’t really get a spring, which is difficult for even the hardiest psyche. Sometimes we don’t get a summer, which is a lot more painful.

Northwest residents, instead of proclaiming that a day is a clear one, will often say simply, “The mountains are out.” It means the same thing, but it somehow says so much more. I saw the Olympics on my way home from work today and they looked cool and inviting. Infinite. The white-tipped peaks scratching at the evening sky, the valleys of green and black blending with the rolling foothills. It was all I could do to keep the steering wheel from turning in their direction and lighting out into the territory.

I would rather be up there, looking over here, than down here and looking over there.

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