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Posted by Ken Campbell January 17, 2013 0 Comment 1334 views
The showing in Port Townsend went well the other night… 132 people came out and the level of discourse among the attendees was refreshing. 
I think that, for me, the most frustrating thing about the issue of marine debris to this point has been the inability of some people I’ve come across to accept that there is a problem. Snarky asides about how us hippies want to bankrupt the country to deal with a situation that doesn’t even exist, how cleanup plans are a power-grab by a socialist government or that plastic on our beaches and in our oceans is such a minor thing that it’s not worth talking about compared to poverty, or Iran or the almighty deficit.
Usually, when I read an article online about the issue, it’s the comments section where I find the most uneducated and ignorant remarks. In this case, however, regarding tsunami debris in particular, the comments are all pretty solid; it’s the reporting that’s out-of-touch. (I know it’s an opinion piece, and I do support freedom of opinion. I just reserve the right to call out the idiot opinions when I see them. Looking at you, Mr. Obee.)

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