The edge of the day

Posted by Ken Campbell May 9, 2011 0 Comment 933 views

The transition from day to night is a powerful span of time. Dusk, twilight, sunset, whatever you call it. It’s the one part of the day that people all over seem to make a point of catching a glimpse of, if there’s any way they can. Living at Salmon Beach, it’s a ritual, standing on the deck, watching as the sky moves from blue to red to orange to purple…
The other transition period, from night into day again, typically gets fewer observers but is just as amazing. I was out there this morning, on water so calm and flat it seemed like it had been painted there. It was dark when I started, but just before 5am, I noticed that the ambient light had started to dial up. Up through the grays and steely streaks of cloud, up from the bones of another night.
Every day is an awakening, no matter where you are. I am just lucky to be here.

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