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Posted by Ken Campbell April 21, 2012 0 Comment 967 views
After last weekend’s Anderson Island trip, I came home with a to-do list that ran a two full pages. Doing the practice survey gave us some idea of what we’d be up against on the coast and some of my tasks came out of that. Then there’s the personal equipment list… still working on that. I did get the group gear up, although it will undoubtedly have a change or two going forward. (I hope to have the list of my gear posted to the web site within the next week.) 
Then there were a few media things I needed to do (done), as well as trying to make contact with the Makah for some on-camera items (haven’t done yet). The most difficult part of this expedition – as with any – is the stuff you have to take care of before you get underway.
One of the most important things is to get the boat in shape. It’s a great boat, this Dagger Sitka, my favorite kayak that isn’t made anymore, but it needs a bit of maintenance before I get it to the starting line. I was able to do a stem-to-stern inventory on the beach last weekend, and I came up with a few things: bungees and rudder cables need replacing, some buckles should be re-glued, the first aid kit (which I consider to be part of the boat’s basic material), needs to be gone through and updated, a few of the deck lines look a bit worn. Thankfully, there’s nothing big that needs attention and I don’t expect it to be a long process.
The boat’s in the garage now, up on a set of horses, drying out. Resting up.

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