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Posted by Ken Campbell March 21, 2012 2 Comments 1039 views

When I have gone on long trips or expeditions in the past, I’ve always taken photos. They weren’t always great photos, but every now and then there would be a nice one. I always carried my camera with me in the event that something picture-worthy might show itself. It was like a long game of hide-and-seek; the pictures were hiding and it was my job to go and find them.
I just sort of assumed that making a movie would be similar. We’d just leave the cameras rolling for a while, do some creative editing and, Voila! An award-winning kayak documentary is born.
So, well, it’s not really like that. Turns out it’s work, actually. Not that it’s digging ditches but it is effort. And planning. You don’t just shoot what presents itself and call it a movie; there needs to be some forethought and planning that goes into the process. You need to visualize what the finished product should look like, then work back from that. Not to say that there won’t be spontaneity and candid moments throughout – it’s just that if there’s no overall direction and message, the finished product will be so much less than it could have been.
Steve and I went over some of these things this past weekend and we’ve both been working on ideas for the shooting script for this summer’s Ikkatsu Project. I’m awash in ideas… now I just need to keep fitting them to the template.

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