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Posted by Ken Campbell November 19, 2012 0 Comment 1155 views
They’re calling for high winds today out on the coast, gusts to 60 knots. It’s nowhere near that blustery here in Puget Sound country, but it still feels a lot like winter out there.
I’ve been watching the film about twice a day this weekend, going through the images scene by scene, seeing what else we can do to make it better as we go forward. There’s always something. 
Mostly, I’m excited to be heading back out to the coast again this coming weekend. We’ll be packing up some turkey sandwiches and driving out on Friday, right after Thanksgiving, and going back to a couple of beaches that we surveyed this summer. I’m not sure what I expect to find, but I am guessing that there might be a few more items from the tsunami, as well as an increase in overall flotsam. 
Other than that, I really feel like the time is ripe for a trip to McNeil Island. Really I do.
Won’t be long before we head down to Arcata, CA, to show the film there. I’m pretty up for that too, as well as a tour of the Kokatat kingdom the next day before we come back.
Other than that, I’m glad the Packers won an ugly one today, I’m still missing the NHL and I’m having a pretty good weekend just hanging with the boy.

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