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Posted by Ken Campbell September 26, 2012 0 Comment 1126 views
I’m outta here.
The Surfrider West Coast Summit is on this weekend in Ventura… I’m heading down a little early, going to go see Pop in Santa Barbara before the conference starts. I’m looking forward to it, for all kinds of reasons.
Mostly, I’m interested in seeing how what we’ve been doing all year with the Ikkatsu Project can be integrated into the larger universe of marine plastics research. The tsunami and its aftermath, while it certainly has been the impetus for getting us into this line of study, has turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. What began as little more than an idea to go paddle the Olympic coast looking for tsunami flotsam has turned into so much more.
I am going to be giving a short presentation on the expedition – a very short presentation – and I’m pretty pumped about that. It will be a good chance to explain what we did and hopefully get others excited about it as well. But more than that, I am hoping to learn some other things: about what some of the leading minds in the field are focusing on; about how to present the problem of marine plastics in ways that will get people to understand and care enough to want to help clean them up; and about where this project is going to go next.

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