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Posted by Ken Campbell March 27, 2010 0 Comment 942 views

Most of my personal trips, my busman’s holidays, have come during the winter. Or, if not winter, then fall or spring, perhaps. It comes with the job, really. The summer, after all, is when most people seem to want to kayak; I don’t get many calls from folks who want to head out into the teeth of a winter storm or who are hoping for strong wind and rain for their day on the water. If you teach kayaking (or stand up paddleboarding), you will quickly find that you will need to give up your summers to some extent. Make hay while the sun is shining, yes?

With the Olympic trip coming up, I’m taking a little summer back. I enjoy teaching, or I wouldn’t be doing it, but it seems like it’s time to reclaim a little bit of July and August anyway. It will be nice to pack shorts and sunscreen instead of fleece and mittens.

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