Stinky, stinky

Posted by Ken Campbell October 7, 2009 0 Comment 854 views

I asked the boy where he wanted to go camping this weekend. We were sitting at the breakfast table this morning, chomping through our English muffins and reading the funnies. I had talked to him about maybe getting out this Saturday, and he gave it some thought before he replied.

“I go to Hamma Hamma,” he said, cocking his head to one side and waiting to see if he’d said it right.

“Hamma Hamma?”

“Yeah, I go to Hamma Hamma.”

And so it shall be done. I think we’ll do a little hike up in the Elk Lakes region, just south of the river. With any luck, we should be able to visit the falls and the river below the cascades to see if there’s any salmon back yet (it may be a bit early.) The weather is supposed to be generous, at least in terms of sunshine, which should make the whole operation flow that much more smoothly.

He does have some good ideas, that boy.

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