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Posted by Ken Campbell April 1, 2012 1 Comment 940 views

It’s an elusive creature, seldom seen and little understood. Studies should be done, to be sure, but the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is destined to remain an enigma, no matter how much study comes along.
This quiet forest denizen is native to the Olympic Peninsula and typically finds its mate in the waters of Hood Canal, where the offspring spend the early portion of their lives before retreating to the thick, damp forests on the eastern side of the peninsula. They are believed to be an endangered species, long sought-after for use in fashion as well as other human pursuits and their ongoing survival is very much in the balance. For more on these gentle creatures, visit this site that is dedicated to their preservation and learn how you can help.

We have an obligation to protect not only the beautiful parts of our natural world, not just the baby seals and the pandas, but the rest of our fragile planet as well. Extinction is forever. Please do your part… we can’t allow our collective shortsightedness to drive the Northwest Tree octopus out of our environment forever, to make it go the way of the noble fur-bearing trout.

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