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The third leg of the Ikkatsu Project starts today. This was supposed to be the end of the paddling, but we’re going to come back out in September to make the out-and-back to Destruction Island. Because of wildlife concerns and nesting sea birds, we can’t include it on this portion of the trip as originally planned. No matter.
It’s not like we’re depressed about getting to come back out here for an encore paddle… 
We’re leaving La Push some time this afternoon. There’s supposed to be a Japanese TV crew there to see us off, along with a few folks from Surfrider. (Thanks Surfrider!) I think I’ll be doing another daily diary for CNN about the next few days, so I’ll post that here too when we get back. Other than that, I think we’ll be mostly out of touch. 
But now, once more into the breach. (Breach, beach… whatever.)

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