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Yellow Island, one of the prettiest in the western San Juans, was once home to Lew and Tib Dodd. They’ve both passed on now and the Island is owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy. The metal plaque above is mounted on a boulder near the high ground, among the wildflowers.
I’m just sitting here thinking about eternity.
I’ve tried for many an hour and minute
To think of this world without me in it.
I can’t imagine a new-born day
Without me here… somehow… some way.
I cannot think of autumn’s flare
Without me here… alive… aware.
I can’t imagine a dawn in spring
Without my heart awakening.

These treasured days will come and go
At swifter pace… but this I know…
I have no fear… I have no dread
Of that marked day that lies ahead.
My flesh will turn to ash and clay
But I’ll be here… somehow… some way.

Don Blanding

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