Some days it’s just flat

Posted by Ken Campbell May 29, 2010 0 Comment 963 views

Winter surf in the Strait of Juan de Fuca can often be decent, sometimes better than decent. Because of where they are in the passage and the angle of their beaches, some spots catch a winter swell just right, and the waves are often better than what you’d get on the coast on the same day. Longer rides, glassier faces and recognizable sets make the drive more than worth it.

This ain’t winter any more, however. I made it out to Crescent and Twin the other day and was not impressed. But that’s how it goes and I knew it when I left that morning. As the tide rose and the wind picked up, the waves got better, but still nothing memorable.

But it’s a long drive from Tacoma and if I’ve made it that far, I’m going to get wet. I got about three hours of small stuff on an 11′ Pearson Arrow… highly responsive board, but not the best choice for the conditions.

(That suddenly seems like far too much complaining. Not impressed… nothing memorable…long drive…not the best choice. What a whiner.)

Here’s the truth: I got to spend the afternoon in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I had the lineup to myself all day. I saw an eagle dive and come up with a fat salmon in his claws, gulls following him in to shore, hoping for scraps. I surfed – little waves, yes – but still better than anything in Tacoma, or a bunch of other places, for that matter. Hardly a bad day, by any measure.

I need to be more grateful.

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