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Posted by Ken Campbell May 17, 2012 0 Comment 984 views
We had another on-water prep session yesterday evening, trying out an in-line tow with the trawl net we got from 5 Gyres. More on that later… I think I’ll write up a short account of that whole situation over on the expedition web site later.
(Spoiler alert.) It wasn’t all that successful.
On the up side, however, it was the first time I paddled the boat since the Anderson Island trip last month and since I’ve done a few remodels. Everything performed well and I am as happy with that boat now as the day I bought her. There’s new padding in the cockpit, new bungee where it needed it, all the fastex buckles on the inside (for the cockpit aux bags) are reglued and solid. About the only thing I have left to do is to take the rudder assembly apart and check the moving parts, replace what needs replacing, and put it back together. And then she’s ready.
A few scars, but not as many as her owner.

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