Senses working overtime

Posted by Ken Campbell June 19, 2010 0 Comment 993 views

If I could only have four senses instead of five, which one would I choose to give up?

I can’t help but notice that many people have already answered that question for themselves, sort of. It has become more common to see people walking, running or biking with earphones than without. Kayaking too. As they run, bike or paddle, these folks are tuned into Whitesnake, Lady Gaga or the theme from Rocky instead of the sounds of what is happening around them. The aural experience of being outside has been replaced by amplified noise inside their skulls, and the real audio track of their experience has been replaced with something artificial. Rocking, yes, but fake.

Would you close your eyes when you paddle? No, it’s more than that. Would you watch a movie the next time you go out on the water? Not look up to see what was around you, just focus in on the screen on your smart phone? You’d miss all the visuals of where you were, safety would take a hit, but more importantly, you’d lose a big part of why you do what you do.

With the buds in your ears you’ll miss the scream of the eagle and the squawk of the goose. When the seal surfaces, you’ll miss the sound of his exhalation and you’ll never know that he’s right there, three feet behind you, watching you. There is a peace that comes with the sound of the water lapping on the shore, but you’ll never feel that peace if you’ve got someone else talking, or screaming, inside your head.

I don’t get it. Do what you want, but I’m taking all of my senses along.

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