Seasonally affected

Posted by Ken Campbell October 18, 2010 0 Comment 845 views

It is sometime around now, just about Halloween time, when our weather here becomes more trick than treat. It’s cold at 4:00 am; a month ago, it wasn’t.

This is an observation more than it is a complaint. To carp about the weather is a pointless hobby and one that brings no satisfaction. Better to adapt to the conditions than to stand to the side and wait until they change. Until they become calmer, lighter and warmer. Around here, we call that “April,” and I can’t wait that long.

No, I look at the temperature as part of the package that winter brings. Windy, cold and dark. The only thing about all this that still surprises me is how fast it all happened. It hits me a little bit more with every successive year. Winter again? Already?

How can the years go by so quickly when the days seem to take forever?

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