Saturday the 14th

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After surviving another Friday-the-13th, I’m heading off to Anderson Island for an overnight with the Ikkatsu crew. In addition to the main group objectives – mostly having to do with camera and sound questions related to the filming process – each of us has our own little projects for this short trip. I know Steve and Kiwi will be focused on the tech side of things, getting good angles and synching shots in ways that will help with editing, so it falls to me to handle some of the low-tech issues.
I will set up a sample survey on the beach where we’re camping and we’ll all get a chance to practice the methods we’ll be using this summer. I’m really curious to see how much time it takes to set up the transects, how difficult it is to do a thorough survey and how much debris we find. In addition, I’m looking forward to seeing what the nature of the debris is and where in each transect it will be located.
Beyond this, I want to finalize at least one of the gear lists and get it posted over on the expedition web site. Steve and Kiwi will be working on putting the filming gear together, so I’m planning on doing the list of the general kayaking and camping-related stuff. We’ve tried out a variety of things already – some that will make the cut and others that will not – and I just need to get the final roster on the record.
In addition, I’ll be going over my kayak with a critical eye, making sure that everything is working correctly and replacing anything that looks like it might not last. I know there is a spring that needs to be replaced in the rudder mechanism, but I am wondering if there aren’t a few cables that need to be updated as well. I expect the bungees will need to be redone too and I don’t know what else. I’ll check.
It should be a good weekend. The weather gods are supposed to be in a benevolent mood and the tides are cooperating with what we’ll be trying to do. Add to this that Kiwi has volunteered to cook steak and potatoes for dinner tonight and things look even better.

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