Santa Barbara

Posted by Ken Campbell April 2, 2012 0 Comment 979 views

The boy and I are leaving this morning, flying down to Santa Barbara to see my father for a few days, then driving his car back up to Tacoma. He’s recently moved into a retirement community and doesn’t particularly want a car anymore. (It’s quite possible that he never really “wanted” a car anyway, but now he really has no use for one.) So we’re taking it, and gratefully, since Volkswagen owners like me never know when the next automobile crisis is likely to break out. It’s good to have a back-up and I hear that Hondas are quite dependable.
I’m hoping to get a look at some paddleboards while we’re down there, get into Blueline and see what’s new and hot. But mostly, it’s a father-son trip for me and the boy, and I’ve already been informed that whatever hotels we may stop into on the way back up north better have some good swimming pools.

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