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When did all these rules start getting posted everywhere? It may be nostalgia on my part but I seem to remember it wasn’t always like this. How many times do you have to hear the word “No,” before your creativity is stunted permanently? How is it possible to maintain a positive attitude in the face of so much establishment negativity?

It’s not just about skateboards and parking lots either… there’s a structuring force that pervades our society, to the point that most of us don’t even notice. The lion that is born in the zoo doesn’t miss the wide savannah, doesn’t long for the thrill of the hunt. Or does he? Is there some ancient DNA memory that tugs at his heart and mind, some inkling that his existence is not all there is, not all that should be? Does that same sense of basic injustice linger in the human cerebellum, keeping us awake at night for reasons we cannot name?

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