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It’s that time again. Apparently. Thinking of all the trips I didn’t take this year, all the places I didn’t go. That Highway 12 trip? Still out there. The Olympic Grand Circle? Aborted, and I’m still second guessing that one. Haven’t done much on any of the Olympic river trips, the “Summit-to-the-Sea” gigs that I was so into a year or two back. (Not to say they are dead ideas, just very deep into their respective comatose states.)
Time just moves so fast. I doubt this comes as surprise to anyone out there, but it never seems to gel in my mind, not in any way I’ve been able to deal with, anyway. I need to live to be at least 300 years old if I’m to have any chance at any of this coming together, that’s for sure. (On a side note, I heard on the radio today that, with all the advancements in medical science and life-prolonging technology, the first human to live to be 150 years of age is probably alive today. I sincerely hope it’s me.)
All that aside, I’m heading to Deception Pass today for a great weekend on the water. I’ve done a bunch of trips in and around Mount Rainier, the Olympic Peninsula (although I still need to make it to the Tubal Cain Mine), and all over Puget Sound. Close to home, but that’s the way it goes right now.
I like home.

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