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Mary went to Washington DC this past weekend and while she was there, she went to the Museum of Natural History. She sent a few photos back on the iPhone and while the boy was magnificently impressed with the picture of the T-Rex skeleton, I was more taken with a quote that she found from Rachel Carson, something she said that seems to be directly related to the work that Ikkatsu is doing. I dug around a little and found the complete quote and I feel like it’s important enough that I share it here. Right now.
“There is then, no water that is wholly of the Pacific, or wholly of the Atlantic, or of the Indian or the Antarctic. The surf that we find exhilarating at Virginia Beach or at La Jolla today may have lapped at the base of antarctic icebergs or sparkled in the Mediterranean sun, years ago, before it moved through dark and unseen waterways to the place we find it now. It is by the deep, hidden currents that the oceans are made one.”
Rachel Carson
The Sea Around Us, 1951

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