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Not a lot of talk. Just photos. (These aren’t even the good ones… those will come from Steve and Kiwi, and they’ll be on the Ikkatsu web site in due course.) Not to mention that this will all be a film eventually, and you will want to see it. I know I will.
In the meantime, here’s some of my photos… (the one above is of an amazingly cool waterfall on the way to Clallam Bay. Who put that there?)

A perfect Hobuck sunset.
Trout for dinner. (Got these from two Makah girls who caught them at the fishing derby that day. Delicious!)
The view from inside. That’s Tatoosh Island in the background.
A most precarious perch. Beneath this nest, there are eight inches of rock and then 200 feet of empty air. Those chicks better learn to fly quick-like!
Tatoosh Island light. Solemn echoes of years gone by. History on the hoof.
A rough day at the Juan de Fuca Pillar. (This was about three minutes before the great capsize event. Hoo boy, that was some perspective… All hands are well, thanks for asking.) 
A piece of lumber from a Japanese home. We’re pretty sure that the stamp is from a mill in Osaka, and the scene on the beach seems to point to a portion of a house breaking up on the beach after making landfall.
The business part of a child’s potty-training seat, found in the wreckage on Cape B Beach.
A fishing buoy with Japanese writing… still waiting on a translation. More to follow, undoubtedly.

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