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I have spent great chunks of time in the wilderness alone. I don’t just like solo trips, I love them. That said, I have been blessed to have some of the finest of friends accompany me on some of the forays into wild woods and wooly water and, over the years, my admiration for them has only grown. As this year winds down and the urge takes hold for a backward glance or two, I thought it might be interesting to see what photos I may have in my way-back files, and what stories I can still remember.

Gary McCall… this photo was from a windy day out on the Straits, but I could have picked from dozens of other trips as well. Good times…

Marc Mahoney… whether it’s rafting on the Tieton or digging a snow cave at Reflection Lakes, or sea kayak trips all over the San Juans, Marc is the most dependable trip partner I could ever ask for. (And an amazing cook!) An ubermensch.

Alan Leonard… we’ll do another trip sometime, won’t we? Playing that fine bass kelp somewhere near Portage Head.

John Inch… giving it his best “Blue Steel” look at Guide Training in Ilwaco back in 2005. Some excellent adventures I’ve had with that guy

Kari Falk (Anderson)… showing how “Blue Steel” is supposed to look. Nothing really fazes Kari, which is a critical skill in a guide… or a mother.

Jason “Kiwi” Goldstein… on the beach at the Puget Sound Sea Kayak Symposium. When Kiwi smiles, it’s impossible not to smile with him.

Steve Weileman… at a photo shoot before his Haida Gwaii trip. (2004? Could it really be that long ago?) We’ve done some cool trips since then, with more on the way.

And the two trip partners who mean the most to me… Mary Campbell, who’s been there with me in British Columbia, Newfoundland, the San Juans and California Channel Islands. The love of my life.

And Micah… I hope to be allowed to be part of his coming expeditions someday, to see the things that neither of us has even imagined yet.

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