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There used to be a bar at the Paradise Inn up at Mount Rainier. I don’t know if it was a good bar or not, but I seem to remember that I had a pretty good time there.
There was one time, seven of us in our party, me and Tony, and 5 Brits. I wouldn’t say we were their guides – because that would have been wrong – but we were the local knowledge, which is what they were looking for. They were part of a group that had come over for a trip we were running in the Olympics back then, a combination backpacking/kayaking gig, with a couple of dozen participants. When that trip had ended, these guys wanted to do some climbing, so we did.
The night before we started up, I remember going into the bar at the lodge for dinner and a beer. Or two. Whatever. And when we came back down, after a mostly successful climb, we went back for a celebratory round.
It was the kind of a place that seemed like it had several lifetimes of stories built into every panel and booth. Where lies were exchanged and friendships forged. I am sure that we were only one group of thousands who had started or ended our climb there, and now you can’t even find a photo of the place online.
The grand old building was remodeled a few years back and when the dust cleared, the bar was no longer in the floor plan. I think that’s a pity.

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