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Posted by Ken Campbell May 21, 2012 0 Comment 1128 views
I have school to teach this morning and then Steve and I are off to Port Angeles for some interviews this afternoon and the Ebbesmeyer presentation this evening. Tomorrow morning we’ll be attending a tsunami debris workshop that Curt is putting on and in the afternoon we’ll get a chance to sit down with him, on-camera, and get some of his input relating to the trip this summer.
I keep saying “this summer,” as if the start date is still a long way off. But it’s not… less than three weeks now until we push off the beach at Neah Bay. There is still more to be done, but it seems to me that we’re ready. Perhaps it’s one of those things where “ready as we’ll ever be,” is the best we can do. If so, then we’re ready as we’ll ever be.
It feels like everything is coming due at the same time. School only has a couple more weeks to go, which means I better get busy with finishing up the trails guide my class has been working on this semester. The shop is doing well, but with new paddleboards on their way, there will be bills to pay here in pretty short order. And the Ikkatsu Expedition is taking up most of my imagination these days; I am really looking forward to the research as well as the paddling. So there’s a lot going on.
And we’ve got to jet back to town tomorrow when we’re done in PA because I’ve got a pre-school graduation program to get to. Among other things, the boy will be singing “Head and shoulders, knees and toes,” in French. I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

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