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Gerald “Doc” Rink passed away today. (That’s him on the left). He was my father-in-law, dead at 80 years of age, after a year of battling pancreatic cancer. I don’t know exactly what he would want said on his behalf; he wasn’t a man given to much conversation, certainly not about himself. He volunteered, a few days before his death, that he didn’t want a rambling obituary, didn’t need a whole lot of detail about where he went to school, what he did with his life, any of that stuff. His idea for a final summary (and I quote):
“He was here,
Now he’s gone.”
He was a good man, a great father and husband. He always made me feel like a part of his family and for that I am personally grateful. The likes of him are not seen often and he will be missed and mourned by all who knew him. Even this much of a tribute would certainly be too much for his liking but I feel like it’s the absolute least I can do. It was a privilege to have known him and his passing leaves a hole in the world and in the hearts of those who remain.

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