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Posted by Ken Campbell May 17, 2012 1 Comment 882 views
When we first started planning for the Ikkatsu Expedition, we were expecting to find some pieces of flotsam on this summer’s trip, but not much. (I guess I’m speaking for myself, but the impression I got was that most of the stuff will be hitting Washington beaches in 2013.) The big stuff was projected to get here sooner, but I don’t think I was honestly expecting there to be so much “big stuff.”
Well, I have changed my way of thinking. Buoys and floats are making landfall as we speak. Not only on the coast itself, but working their way up the straits too. Other lighter, larger items as well. And, if the number that have already gotten here is any indication, we are going to find plenty on the trip. 
I was excited already; I’m even more so now.

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