Never believe it’s not so

Posted by Ken Campbell September 28, 2010 0 Comment 891 views

Long ago, a place such as this would have been thought to contain great magic. There was a time when powerful spirits lived in the forest and streams, and whispered to one another among the weeping boughs of the cedar. The water falling over rocks and flowing through the pools on the river was part of a greater dance, and the mood of the gods could be seen as the waters rose and fell. Volcanic eruptions, eclipses, rain and wind were all manifestations of the immortals.

Much of that magic has been transformed into science. The tides and eclipses have been charted and can be predicted well in advance. Modern weather forecasting, although still a bit of a dark art, is becoming more highly predictive every year – more meteorology, less rain dances. Science, with its empiricism and its relentless observation and categorization, tends to itemize and break down the natural world into its discrete parts, which can then be studied and understood.

It’s a good thing, this science. There is no doubt that it has helped us to recognize and interpret many things that were once complete mysteries. Things that we used to need magic to explain. Over the past few hundred years, science has proved itself and magic seems less necessary, less real.

But here today, among these impossibly tall trees on the side of this great mountain, it’s easy to believe that not all that was once magic has been changed into science. Which is why we need, need, these places. And more of them. You can still feel the magic here.

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