My left foot

Posted by Ken Campbell July 24, 2009 0 Comment 836 views

Last winter I stepped on a nail. That puncture still gives me some pain. I had the doctor look at it a month ago and he said I should maybe think of seeing a podiatrist.

On July 4th, I gouged out a 2-inch chunk of the arch on a barnacle. (That scar is still visible in photo as dark line above the bandaged area.) It happened down at the waterfront, just before the start of the SUP race. With all the excitement, it didn’t really start hurting until later.

Now there’s a crack in the heel. That thick, calloused pad that comes in handy when it’s barefootin’ time… it has betrayed me. The crack is hard to see because of its location – right on the back edge of the heel – and I’m not sure if there is any infection involved. I slathered the antibiotic ointment on it before bed and covered it with an obscenely large bandaid, then duct taped it in place for the night. (It’s almost impossible to keep a bandage on it during the day – at work, in the water, etc.)

I have a 50-mile hike starting tomorrow. I wonder if my left foot will be part of the story. I certainly hope it is not.

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